Best Paper Award Winner

The Annual Graduate History Symposium is pleased to continue its partnership with Past Tense Graduate Review of History to offer an award for the best conference paper presented at each year’s AGHS.

Established in 2011, Past Tense is the preeminent graduate history journal in Canada, housed within the country’s top history department at the University of Toronto. The journal’s mission is to provide a platform for young and promising historians from around the world to showcase their original research in a peer-reviewed publication. More information about Past Tense is available at

For HnetThe 2017 award winner is Sarah Miles for her paper “For a Global Liberation: International Anti-Colonialism and the Construction of Québécois National Identity in Parti Pris, 1963-1968.”

Sarah is a PhD student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill studying radical anti-colonialism and the social history of ideas in the francophone world in the late twentieth century. Sarah received her BA in History from the University of Oklahoma in 2016, and has been published in both OU Historical Journal and the Journal of Global Affairs. She is currently the editor for the UNC History Department’s journal, Traces.