Scholars’ Roundtable

The Scholars’ Roundtable brings together graduate students, faculty, and Toronto high school students to explore what it means to study history. The roundtable is co-hosted by the TDSB @ UofT History and AGHS, an annual event to promote the undergraduate study of history to high school students in the Toronto area. This year’s roundtable focuses on the topic of archives and violence:
Often we encounter archival materials, and even archives themselves, that express or silence historical violence. As researchers, publishers, and teachers, such subject matter can be difficult to navigate, parse, and communicate. How do we deal with violence in our research practices? What responsibilities do we have when publishing and teaching this kind of material?
The discussants for this year’s roundtable will be Melanie Newton, Alex Logue, and Luis van Isschot, with Lindsay Sidders moderating. The event will be held in Sidney Smith Hall at the University of Toronto on Thursday May 2, 2019 from 11am-12pm.